Oct 022015
  • SIZE. 53 inch W x 47 inch H
  • COLOR. white
  • FIT. Can be used for banquet chairs, folding chairs and mismatched chairs in weddings and events
  • USES. Excellent chair cover for weddings, special occasions, and hospitality events.
  • Also known as self-tie satin chair covers or as pillow case chair covers
These self-tie satin chair covers are more known as white universal chair covers for one reason--they are used to cover or hide mismatched chairs or old-looking chairs in events such as weddings, banquet receptions, and corporate events. Also known as pillow case chair covers, this type of white wedding chair cover is the perfect satin chair cover for banquet chairs, folding chairs, lifetime chairs or other types of chairs. Many wedding reception and catering business venues prefer universal chair covers over other types of chair covers such as banquet chair covers and folding chair covers because of their versatility. As mentioned above, satin universal chair covers resemble large pillow cases. One end of the chair cover is slightly longer than the other (the difference is hardly noticeable). The longer side goes in front. The shorter part goes in the back. After unpacking, slip the open end of the chair cover over the chair and bring the crease down the front of the backrest, two inches below the top of the chair. With the two corner ends still in hand, gather them tightly at the back of the chair and create a square knot. It's that simple and convenient to use!

Price: $ 6.99