Apr 172017
  • Short Queen Mattress is 60" Wide X 74" Long and ships in a 19x19x58 Inch Box
  • Made in Phoenix, AZ with US Made Materials
  • All foams used are US Certi-Pur Certified
  • Medium Firm comfort rating provides some intial softness to the top for contouring, but still considered a firmer comfort level.
  • Zoned foam Construction allows for extra support where your body needs it most.
The Ultimate Dreams Verona Mattress line from Dreamfoam Bedding has a comfort level for everyone. The Verona is built in three different thickness levels to offer the different comfort levels that are all designed to give a great support. The Ultimate Dreams 7" Verona is the firmest of the three options. The 7" Verona is an ideal option for light weight sleepers or anyone who has limitations on how thick their mattress can be. The Ultimate Dreams 9" Verona is considered our medium firm comfort level. The 9" Verona EuroTop is designed for side, back, and stomach sleepers that prefer their mattress to be have some initial softness to the top, but still prefer their mattress to be a little bit firmer feel. The Ultimate Dreams 11" Medium Soft Verona will be our softest option. The 11" EuroTop is great for our customers that want more of a pillowtop style of softness. All three Verona beds will offer a great support for side, stomach, and back sleepers. Selecting the correct thickness will depend on the softness level each sleeper prefers.