Feb 142018
  • Our twin XL size memory foam mattress topper helps align your spine and adapts to the contour of your body for optimal comfort. Breathe new life into your old mattress with our supportive mattress topper.
  • Hypoallergenic mattress pad features breathable memory foam enhanced with open cell technology for a cooler feel
  • Impact-resistant memory foam bed topper absorbs micro-movements, delivering undisturbed sleep throughout the night for you and your partner
  • Durable mattress protector guards your mattress from constant wear and prolongs its life
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty • Designed in California • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Relaxed & Comfortable for a Deeper Sleep
• Relax Muscles and help align spine, shoulders, & hips with Memory Foam that forms to your natural body contours
• Enjoy minimized motion transfer, making it even easier to sleep alongside a partner
• Avoid purchasing a costly brand new memory foam mattress and witness an immediate transformation of your current mattress

Open Cell Structure
• Helps prevent odor buildup via improved airflow, unlike standard mattress designs
• Expands under pressure to fight heat buildup with increased breathability and aeration
• Engineered to be more resistant against sweat accumulated throughout the night

Variety of sizes
• Designed to fit perfectly on Twin, Twin XL, and Queen size mattresses, no "one size fits all" nonsense
• Fits with ease underneath your bedsheets without unnecessary bulk
• Premium foam is lightweight yet dense, allowing for easy setup that can be done without assistance