Microfiber Massage Recliner Sofa Chair Ergonomic Lounge Heated w/Control

  • 1. Ideal for limited spaces and smaller rooms
  • 2. Attractive, offer the maximum comfort
  • 3. Sturdy construction and microfiber upholstery
  • 4. 8-point nodes and heating function
  • 5. Durable and suitable for intensive use
This deluxe ergonomic massage recliner chair designed with 8-massage nodes functions that are offering you the best relaxation and comfort for you. It features light brown as well as chocolate color microfiber upholstered and overstuffed fiberfill on arms. Fully reclining sea with footrest, this elegant and practical one will greatly enhance your living room. Ideal for stiff muscle relax, pain and anxiety even tiredness relief which of improving sleep, finally reaching the highest energy levels as well.

Price: $ 251.57