Mambe 100% Waterproof Furniture Cover for Pets and People (Sofa 70″x120″, Dove-Slate)

  • 100% Waterproof protection throughout your home. Soft and attractive, yet extremely durable.
  • Fully reversible. Soft microfleece on both sides with waterproof membrane in between. Silent, not crinkly.
  • Protect all types of expensive furniture and bedding from spills, accidents, and normal wear and tear. Ideal for both pets and people.
  • Available in four sizes: Sofa: 70"x120", King/Queen: 90"x90", Twin/Loveseat: 70"x90", Recliner Throw: 70"x70"
  • Machine washable (warm water, dry on medium). Made in the USA with high quality materials and guaranteed for life.
Mambe Furniture Covers are soft, microfleece blankets with a 100% WATERPROOF internal membrane, designed to fully protect your furntiure and bedding while looking great in your home. Whether you have pets on your bed, spill-prone kids on your sofa, or a family member with occasional incontinence, this blanket is a lifesaver. Vastly reduce the time and money spent laundering sheets, bedding, cushions, etc. and give yourself peace of mind knowing any spill or accident is now super easy to deal with. Also great for protecting upholstery in cars/trucks/RVs. New single layer laminated design ensures the fleece lays smooth and drapes beautifully on furniture. Available in several color combinations to elegantly blend into your home decor or add some color. Fully reversible and extremely durable. Machine wash cold, tumble dry on medium or hang dry. Proudly made in the USA.

Price: $ 135.00