Nov 142017
  • EVEREST POLYZIP Mattress/ Box Spring Encasement 100% Stretch Knitted Polyester Micro Filament Fabric. Not Vinyl, Plastic or other cheaper material. Premium Zippered Six Sided Cover QUEEN Mattress/ Box Spring Encasement depth 9"(fits 9"-11") size (60"x80").
  • STRETCHABLE STRONGER Fabric on All Six Sides: Top, Bottom and all other Four Sides along with PREMIUM THREE SIDED ZIPPER, makes this protector/ cover Extra Durable . DOUBLE SIDED USE Since Top and Bottom layers have same Fabric, it's easier to flip the mattress as desired without changing the Mattress encasement side.
  • NO CRACKLING NOISE & HYPOALLERGENIC, ideal for anyone who is allergic to lamination as this protector is not PU laminated, hence peaceful super quiet sleep anytime..COMFORTABLE, SOFT & BREATHABLE. Despite the strong durability of our material, it is soft to the touch and noiseless, making it ideal for light sleepers. Our encasing guarantees high air and water vapor permeability so it'll feel as if you never placed anything on your mattress.
  • VELCRO PATCH at the Premium Zipper end which prevents bedbugs from entering or escaping. The package will say 9" depth, but it will stretch to fit up to 11" depth Mattress due to 100% Stretch Knitted Polyester Fabric. 100% BEDBUG PROOF, Hypoallergenic & Machine Washable. Recommended for people with Allergies, Asthma, Respiratory Conditions, Eczema.
  • HOTELS, MOTELS, RESORTS, Airbnb, bed & breakfast, nursing homes, hospitals, homes, apartments, rentals & many more useful places. Encasement cover is fully Machine Washable in cold-warm water & Dryable with tumble dry low heat dryer temp. cannot exceed 115*F, cannot use bleach or be ironed.
About half of the household dust mites and bed bugs are found in beds. Most of them feel very comfortable living in the mattress, while the remaining bed bugs live in closets, beds, and pillows. In addition, 10% of the population (according to the Medical Association of German Allergists) are sensitive to house dust mites. By contact through the skin or respiratory tracts, they can cause irritation or even cause diseases such as colds, recurrent conjunctivitis. NJ Hospitality supply provides quality sleep and bed bug resistance to all mattresses! Ideal for those in the hospitality business, nursing homes, hospitals, or even independent homeowners! It is fully machine washable and dryable (dryer temp. cannot exceed 115*, cannot use bleach or be ironed), or you may simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth. -Breathable -Encasing guarantees high air and water vapor permeability. -Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors -hypoallergenic, so ideal sleep accessory for those with allergies. - Prevents the infestation of bed bugs -Impermeable to dust mites, bed bugs, mold and bacteria -Effective even after repeated washing -Protection of the entire mattress -High standard of hygiene for your mattress to ensure longer life of box spring/mattress Machine washable, Tumble Dry Low or No Heat. Please follow all included care instructions of your mattress encasement's. Contains no Vinyl, PVC, or Phthalates, or Fire Retardant Coatings of any kind. (Not water resistant).

Price: $ 23.95