Jan 062018
  • System includes a plush filler pad and top fabric to create a comfortable bed bridge AND an easily adjustable connector belt to safely and securely connect the beds together.
  • Patented three loop design allows you to easily transform any two twin beds into a full-size king in minutes (regardless of mattress depth or length), and eliminates the need for a second person to hold the belt in place
  • Ideal for configuring your beds or daybeds for guestrooms, B&Bs, guesthouses and vacation rentals
  • New versatile design fits all twin mattresses, including twin XLs
  • 5-year replacement warranty against defects
Everything you need in one smart and easy package, we have taken all the best features from our create a king and added the additional support filler pad to fill the center joining area of deeper, or crowning mattresses when needed. Easy King bed double system quickly and safely converts two beds into a comfortable king. Features a 2-inch wide connecting belt with an adjustable buckle that wraps around the sides, safely securing the two mattresses together. The filler pad features a Velcro top that keeps the top cover completely secure. Now fits all twin mattresses including twin XL, and comes with a 5-year replacement warranty against defects.

Price: $ 44.66