Jan 172016
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - Memory foam construction is engineered to be slow recovering to conform and adapt to your individual body shape, offering superior comfort and pressure point relief
  • ALL SLEEP POSITIONS - This foam pillow is more dense and of significantly higher quality and durability than traditional polyurethane foam, adapting to your unique shape
  • STAY FRESH - Crystalline technology neutralizes odors for odor-free environment
  • EASY CARE - Removable velour cover
  • Foam made in the USA
ALL NIGHT COMFORT Crafted with comfort in mind, this luxurious memory foam pillow is the perfect means of bringing your sleep to the next level. Go to sleep in comfort and wake up feeling pleasantly restored and full of energy, thanks to the support it provides. MULTIPOSITION This form pillow is pressure sensitive, adapting to your unique shape and conforming as you move throughout the night. This pillow is suitable to sleepers of all positions. STAY FRESH Stay fresh all night long. This pillow offers highly effective Crystalline technology, neutralizing odors for an odor-free environment, ensuring your sleeping space remains fresh at all times during the night. EASY CARE This pillow features a removable velour cover, suitable to machine wash and dry as often as needed for maximum cleanliness. US SMART Foam made in the USA, cover made of imported materials. We believe in making our products in the USA when possible, supporting American workers and continuing the tradition of excellence in American manufacturing. *** This foam pillow was manufactured by Hollander Sleep Products. For over 50 years, Hollander has been the largest supplier of bed pillows in North America, with six manufacturing plants in the United States and two in Canada. Hollander produces the highest quality basic bedding items on the market, such as bed pillows, comforters, mattress pads and more, using both natural and synthetic materials. The Hollander vision is to bring comfort into the lives of people everywhere, using the highest quality materials and latest technologies. Beautyrest is dedicated to providing the sleep needed to excel in every aspect of life. Living life fully charged is easy with the help of Beautyrest. When you get your Beautyrest, you can live more vibrantly and achieve anything you set your mind to.

Price: $ 65.11