Dec 162016
  • Extend Recliner Life
Works on most all Motion Furniture: Recliners, Reclining Couch or Reclining Loveseat. Firms a sagging recliner seat cushion by using a durable yet cushioning foam material installed above the seat springs. Rests against and pushes up on your seat cushion from below to increase seat firmness. TESTED: We've been repairing recliners using this same method and have decades of experience in the furniture industry. But, this is a DIY repair kit and is not suitable for everyone. It means turning your reclining furniture up-side down and feeding a specialized foam material under the seat springs. Slowly work it across by hand, using no tools. It's not complicated or that difficult to do but is easier using 2 people. One pulls up on a spring while the other pushes and pulls it across inch by inch. BEFORE ORDERING: turn the item over and view underneath to inspect your seat springs and see that you have access to the springs. This solution will not work with a broken seat spring, strap webbing or coil spring type of construction. If you stack 3 of these for 1.5″ of thickness, and you don't feel any results, you don't have enough foam left and it's time for a new recliner. NOTE: foam that gets wet tends to mat down or be flattened out and there is usually not enough density left to compress and increase firmness. It's up to you to evaluate your recliner's condition and decide if this repair might be helpful. INCLUDES: (3) piece specialized cross-linked polyethylene foam material 6" x 18" x ½" each, detailed instructions and a phone number to call for assistance. Order (1) Sagging Recliner Support - Seat Cushion Repair Kit - for each seat you want to restore. A tremendous value if you can delay buying new furniture.

Price: $ 29.99