Nov 292012
  • Composed of 2-1/2-inch advanced viscoelastic memory foam on a 7-1/2-inch polyurethane base
  • Supportive 4-pound; density memory foam eliminates back and joint pain associated with most common innerspring mattresses
  • Includes 1 memory foam contour pillows an added bonus
  • Ultra-soft mattress cover is zippered for easy removal and washing
  • Memory foam is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial and meets all flammability standards
Revel in relaxation with the RESTOR Style Classic Comfort Memory Foam Collection. Made with a combination of next-generation memory foam over an energy absorbing, Intellifoam polyurethane base, this sleep system works together to give you the pressure-relieving, customized comfort and support your body needs - exactly where you need it. The RESTOR Style sleep system allows you sleep, uninterrupted, throughout the night by molding to your body and eliminating the uncomfortable pressure-points and motion transfer common in most innerspring mattresses. Our memory foam mattresses are produced using a process which eliminates impurities and utilizes the foaming process available. The NASA-inspired memory foam mattress never needs turning and can be used with existing box springs or platform bed.

Price: $ 184.99