Oct 192016
  • Round 5 pin end connection to motor
  • Works with motors with a round 5 pin connection
  • Compatible with other round switches that do not have the USB
  • Upgraded design that features Dual USB charger ports!

Tranquil Ease Model Series: PRS-R

Power Recline switch -plugs directly into actuator motor

Round Up and Down control mounts in the arms of power recline furniture. It has a round 5 pin connector at the end of the attached cable.

Extra added Feature: Dual USB slots for charging your electronics!

The USB Charging stations are designed to function with most devices, including, but not limited to...

Apple Products iPod • iPod Classic • iPod Nano • iPod Shuffle • iPod Touch • iPhone • iPad • iPad 2

Android Phones

HTC • Samsung • Google • LG • Motorola • Sony • T-Mobile

Blackberry Phones


Lenovo • Kindle • Fuhu • Fujistu • Sony • Techno • Google • Asus • Toshiba • Coby • Acer • Leader •

ZTE • Kupa • Archos • MSI • Karuma • Blackberry

This control works with Okin, Dewert, and Limoss motors commonly found in power recliners by La Z Boy, Best, Berkline, Southern Motion, and More.

Price: $ 41.50