Jan 212018
  • PREMIUN GRADE MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic sleeping pillow is filled by original memory foam and cover is 60% polyester, 40% viscose rayon derived from bamboo. Breathable polyester and high end material is good for hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. Homitt bed pillow is good choice to close your skin and give you a health sleeping in beautiful night.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Custom made memory pillow with proprietary mix of shredded viscose elastic memory foam. Add or remove foam to adjust height to your comfort for all sleep positions. Have a suitable white pillow owns a deeper sleeping.
  • REMOVABLE AND WASHABLE COVER: The shredded memory foam pillow has inner case for packing shredded foam, and organic bamboo pillow cover for comfortable sleeping. Both of them can be removed and machine washable. Good queen pillow for sleeping.
  • MEASURE:Bamboo pillow is queen size, suit for 20in X 30in. Perfect pillow for sleeping hold your head, neck and shoulder, perfect for releasing pressure of head, easing the pain of neck and improving sleeping. Suitable as back and side sleeper pillow.
  • NO DEFORMATION: Shredded foam pillow is soft and elastic, foam can be restored without pressure. Homitt no deformation memory foam pillow supply long time to use. Since pillow is compressed packed, please allow 15 minutes for pillows to recover completely.

Why you need our filled shredded memory foam pillow?
You should know that a good sleep is very important for your daily life! Of course, a high quality pillow will give you a high quality sleep. And Homitt hypoallergenic pillow will be the most amazing pillow you’ve ever used!

Comfortable Design
Our pillows are 20 inches x 29 inches and original shredded memory foam filling, they are comfortable size to relieved your pressure and improve your sleep. Also, the perfect size can be taken to your office, you can use the pillow for sleep or use it to pad your backside on chair instead of back cushion.

Custom Made
Homitt full filled pillow has been filled original shredded memory foam, you can add or remove foam to adjust the height for your pillow. A suitable pillow can help you get deeper sleeping faster.

Health Sleep
Nowadays, big pressure and long time to work, more and more people meet insomnia. A good pillow will help you relax and get into good dream quickly.

Every Homitt product enjoys a 12-month worry-free guarantee & 60 days money back Guarantee.

Because pillows are compressed packed, please allow 15 minutes for pillows to recover completely. Also, you can tab or press the pillow few times to help it quick hasten expansion. Pillow cover machine washable available. Add or remove shredded memory foam to adjust height for your comfortable sleeping.

Price: $ 24.99