Oct 122017
  • Safe Material : 4" Plush Gel / Bamboo Charcoal foam mattress topper is CertiPUR-US certified for durability, performance, and content ( TWIN / FULL / KING - bamboo charcoal - black color )
  • Enhance Comfort - new formula plush mattress foam topper has ability in contouring your body , relieves pressure at your hips, back and shoulders; it requests to be put it over mattresses
  • Reduced Allergens - this 4" Plush foam mattress topper is hypoallergenic, anti-bacteria, good to those concerned with indoor allergens
  • It's a hypoallergenic alternative if you're allergic to down, but enjoy that level of softness
  • Ventilated design help improve airflows , bamboo charcoal / gel infused to control temperature, low VOC, OKEO-100 certified product no harm to human, safe for toddler contact
  • It supports your back and joints to ease pain and pressure
  • It can be used on top of either a mattress or a firmer topper such as memory foam or latex
  • Comes with a 3 year warranty
  • Compressed, rolled and shipped in a small box, easier for transportation
  • Mattress topper Dimension : Twin: 75×38 , Full: 75×53, Queen: 80×60, King: 80×76, Twin XL: 80×38
Foam : our Germany raw material foam are certified :
made without ozone depletes made without PBDEs, team or cap flame retardants
made without mercury, lead and other heavy metals
made without formaldehyde
regulated by the consumer product safety Commission

low VOC emissions for indoor air quality

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a real cost saving we are new in retail market but we are in this field over 10 years with certipur-us certification foam as supplier for branded customers in the market.

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if you wake up more tired than when you went to bed or suffer from migraines, insomnia, snoring, neck pain, allergies & asthma, tam, and tingling in your fingers, ergonomic-sleep new tech gel infused mattress topper must the best choice.

Price: $ 62.99